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    • June 22, 2017 8:48 PM EDT
    • Well mostly it was stupid but there were some parts I laughed out loud.

    • June 19, 2017 11:13 AM EDT
    • Rubbish.

    • June 16, 2017 10:10 PM EDT
    • Really little kids were laughing it up I mean like 7 year olds, other than that I laughed at a few things but in reality to me it ewas stupid but like I said small kids seemed to love it.

    • June 15, 2017 10:39 AM EDT
    • You guys just made me not want to see it.

    • June 13, 2017 10:36 PM EDT
    • Wow! you guys are trashing the movie lol but I would not go to it no matter what not my thing.

    • June 10, 2017 12:07 PM EDT
    • wow! is it that bad? I had no plans on seeing it because the trialer made it look very childish like I mean for 9 year olds the other set of Wimpy Kids I liked first and second mainly.

    • June 8, 2017 7:22 PM EDT
    • I saw it and some parts were funny but I  all I would say it was crap.

    • June 8, 2017 2:36 PM EDT
    • It seems you are all rubbishing The Long Haul, can't be that bad now can it?

    • June 8, 2017 12:09 PM EDT
    • Quite a load of rubbish, it wont get one Euro of mine.

    • June 8, 2017 10:11 AM EDT
    • Rubbish.

    • June 6, 2017 11:11 PM EDT
    • I watched the trailer and have zero interest to see it, maybe one day on Netflix I might fast forward through it.

    • June 5, 2017 11:30 PM EDT
    • OMG it was so stupid, but I will be honest I did crack up at a few of the stupid scenes.

    • June 3, 2017 4:32 PM EDT
    • Rubbish.

    • June 3, 2017 10:54 AM EDT
    • Thanks for the review but don't want to see it, looks like it is for little kiddies. lolz

    • June 1, 2017 5:43 PM EDT
    • Two thumbs down.

    • May 31, 2017 11:29 PM EDT
    • Worst movie ever, so lame.

    • May 31, 2017 4:15 PM EDT
    • Not a single bit on interest in seeing this, trailer is all I need to see.

    • May 30, 2017 11:48 PM EDT
    • It was so dumb, it reminded me of the new Vacation with Steele Stebbins,  the same stupid crude jokes that are not even funy. What a waste the other movies were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

    • May 30, 2017 4:07 PM EDT
    • It was ok to me I mean it had some stupid jokes yes but still I had some laughs.

    • May 30, 2017 11:48 AM EDT
    • LOL @Swills, I am sorry you did not like it and wasted your cash.
      Swills said:

      Here is my review.


      IT SUCKS.


    • May 29, 2017 11:00 PM EDT
    • I never saw any of the Wimpy Kid movies. Judging by what I saw in a preview, I wouldn't want to see the Long Haul. It looks like what WatchMojo calls a 'cash grab.' For their list of the Top 10 Hollywood Cash Grabs, they picked 'movies in which nobody except the big studios wanted.'

    • May 29, 2017 3:52 PM EDT
    • Well I am still going then I will make my opinion.
      R2D2 said:

      OMG! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul is stupid, this movie if it don't win one of those RAZZIE AWARDS I would be shocked.

      Ok I went knowing it would be stupid but this bad, oh wow I expected the regular stupid jokes like the trailer showed, like fart jokes, poop jokes etc butt he acting is so bad along with the corny jokes, OMG ile Vacation they just made leave these movies alone plz let them die.

      Save your money plz.


    • May 28, 2017 10:58 PM EDT
    • Well it was a let down but I wouldnt say it was like the worst there were some funny parts and lots of stupid ones tho.

    • May 28, 2017 2:03 PM EDT
    • I have zero interest in seeing this movie, this is for 9 year olds.

    • May 27, 2017 9:11 PM EDT
    • Here is my review.


      IT SUCKS.