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    The Walking Dead - Season 8

    The Walking Dead season 8 started tonight and not a single post or comment on here about it? before there would be so much buzz and chat now nothing did you all forget it was back tonight Oct 22?
    Last Replied by Francisco - Nov 8
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    Carl and season 8

    Nothing in the forum now but The Walking Dead fans and Chandler Riggs fans what do you think is in store for Carl in season 8, will he make it out of the season or will Carl bite the dust?
    I have heard that he is in real life going to College and because
    Last Replied by No Comply - Sep 5
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    Leaving TWD

    Is Chandler leaving the show? I heard in real life he I going to college so he will leave to get his college education. 
    Last Replied by Riley - Feb 21
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    Carl's Eye

    Whoa did you guys see Carl's eye when Negan made him take off the bandage? how the heck do they do that I mean we know Chandler has two perfect eye
    Last Replied by Kandy_Gurl - Jan 15
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    Who did Negan kill?

    OMG! I hope it was not Carl (Chandler Riggs) some think it was him but I don't think they would kill a kid like that do you?
    Last Replied by Emo Girl - July 14, 2016
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    Anyone has seen Chandler in the movie “Mercy”? I saw it tonight it is on Netflix so I guess it is just on VOD and maybe video later. It is short just about 80 mins but freeky. Well not like super scary but creep and also stars Joel Courtney fr
    Last Replied by JessieJ99 - July 13, 2016
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    The change in Carl

    After se5 ep 2 we see Carl has changed to a more trusting type of lad not harden as he was at end of season 3 I beleive wehn Rick let the ex Woodbury people in the prison he sure gave him a hard look and also the shooting of that guy that was surrendering
    Last Replied by Elian - October 25, 2014