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Fav Felix TV guest roles

  • FelixA_Fan
    July 4, 2017

    My fav Felix guest role on a TV series before Gamer's Guide was when he played Javier Alvarado in an episode of Bones, what is your fav show and guest role for Felix?

  • Shay Cormac
    July 10, 2017
    On New Girl.
  • Rhea
    July 13, 2017
    I saw him on New Girl was not a big role but there are no small parts. he is so cute.
    My fav thing he has done is the short film Zero.
  • Lilly Marlene
    July 19, 2017
    Saw and liked Felix on "Bones" and The Haunted Hathaways.
  • Pokemon
    July 28, 2017
    The Haunetd Hathaways and New Girl.
  • Kate.A
    August 2, 2017
    It is not a TV show but a short film and it is "Zero" it is so good but to the question for TV it would be New Girl.
  • Mikael_Kurri
    March 9, 2019
    Felix is a good actor I wish he would get off the lame Disney shows and go after some serious roles but I guess it pays the bills.
  • FelixA_Fan
    January 31, 2020
    He was also on Just the Tip and of course, he did the voice of Gustavo for Pete the cat but I want to see him back on a series or on a movie.