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Teen Stars Online safety

Teen Stars Online is a family friendly site and is also a place to discuss the stars and have fun! Before you do, take a look at our guidelines..If someone is breaking the rules, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way please CONTACT us. We check the site constantly for any signs of trouble and to remove any content that does not meet our guidelines. 1. Do not POST Personal Information on this site. No personal information should be shared or solicited here: no last names, street addresses, phone numbers, school names and locations, parent's name(s), nor Social Security Numbers. 2. Never agree to meet someone in person who talks to you online. This is not safe, so never plan to do it. Please make use of the safety settings in your profile. Set who can view from members to nobody. 3. Please don't swear. Swearing isn't allowed on the site. Don't use initials or blanks to try to hide such words. 4. Please don't be rude. Harassing a participant on the site is NOT cool. If you single out someone to bother or harass you are in danger of being issued a warning or being banned outright. 5. Don't be harassed. If someone is harassing YOU, don't respond in the same way. 6. PLEASE DON'T SHOUT: Typing in all capital letters is considered "shouting" online. We're listening, we promise. =) 7. Teen Stars Online should not to be used to mass advertise your own website or sell goods/services. 8.Post forum messages in the correct folders or they will be DELETED. Remember Forum are checked regularly and are PUBLIC. 9. Have FUN!!! Teen Stars Online is YOURS, so if you have suggestions, complaints, or suggestions always feel free to CONTACT us. Thanks! And have a great time!