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  • Posted June 25, 2021
    The War with Grandpa is so funny he is really good in it, you can see it on Amazon Prime, I am in Canada so I am sure it is also on the USA version.

    Trust me it is great fun had us all cracking up. :)
  • Posted June 26, 2021
    I agree I had a few laughs watching him battle Grandpa and his old dude friends.
  • Posted June 26, 2021
    Oh man it is so funny I love the pranks they pull on each other it had me rolling laughing, see this movie yo it's free on Amazon Prime.
  • Posted June 27, 2021
    Yea it is funny I also had some good laughs, even Grandpa pulled some good ones on the kid but the kid had some hilarious ones, and of course I was cheering for the kid. :P
  • Posted July 1, 2021
    O mi god, dudes I agree the movie had me cracking up I love the pranks also even from the Grandpa but the kid ones are excellent.
  • Posted July 3, 2021
    Oh, yea The War with Grandpa is funny, I saw it on Amazon, I love the pranks I was laughing out loud dude. I watched it twice so far, very cool movie and even the old dude had some good pranks on the kid.