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David Knoll

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Canadian teen actor David Knoll is dedicated to his craft of acting. After spending five years in drama classes, David decided that he wanted to do more than act as an after school activity. Since the summer of 2011, David has worked non-stop on student films and small budget commercial productions to gain experience and to build a reputation as a serious actor that just happens to be a child and not necessarily a child actor.

He has completed several short films in leading roles including Ocean Fog Productions "The Night", where he plays Leo, an emotionally and physically abused child looking for help in the big city and as Milo Ronan in Outside-In Studio's Award Winning Short Film, "The Blackwing".

Shortly after wrapping on those films, David was offered a break-out role in Vincenzo Natali's "Haunter", where he played opposite Abigail Breslin as Edgar in this unique thriller-suspense feature. David plays the lead 'Brian Russell' in the new web series Kids Town (2013). He also made a guest appearance on the series "Reign" in April 2014 in the episode Toy Soldiers he played Martin.

One of David's strength's is that he is able to adapt to almost any kind of genre of film including comedy, drama, suspense and even more abstract forms of cinema such as a recent role in John Greyson's feature Opera-Documentary "Jericho Baghdad" where David had to sing in Latin and shoot paint balls at the lead actor and China plates representing world leaders.

While only acting professionally for a short period of time, David has spent his life in the movie business! His father owns and operates movie theatres and David has spent many hours in and around the theatres learning the business, helping his father and watching movies.

David looks forward to continuing to develop his repertoire and sees every audition as a fun challenge. While still early in his career, Knoll is hoping to continue to be able to act professionally as an adult. David is an Apprentice Member of ACTRA, is in grade seven and attends elementary school in Oakville, Ontario. In his spare time he is learning to sing and enjoys computers, hanging out with friends and playing with Roxas, his Beagle.