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Fivel Stewart

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Fivel Stewart was born on November 4th 1996 in Beverly Hills Ca. Her mother and father both knew she was an entertainer from the start. She loved to entertain everyone no matter where she was. Fivel started Karate at the age of 5. She stating competing at 6 and won 2 world titles along with being ranked # 1 in all divisions. She works hard in gymnastics and dance, she has won scholarships at every dance competition she has entered.

Her acting career has been just as amazing. Fivel has worked consistently since she began at a ripe old age of 7 (see resume). She loves doing music videos and hopes to focus her time on dance. She is represented by OSBRINK for theatrical, commercial and print. She is with Clear Talent for dance.

Fivel also performed with the musical group My Allowance and sang lead on releases such as Finders Keepers. Fivel also became a member of the band 5L along with her brother Booboo.

Some of Fivel's film work includes States Evidence (2006), Dante's Cove (2005) (mini) TV Series, Pit Fighter (2005) and Yard Sale (2004). She also did stunt double work for Zoom as well as Kings of Babylon 2005 TV. The talented Fivel is also the host of her own show Blue Dolphin Kids and was also joined by her brother Boo Boo as the co-host. She also has roles in Logan (2010) and Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2011) as Ella.

Fivel continues her film roles with a string of appearances listed at IMDB in such films as "Isolated" (2013/1), "The Well" (2013/1), "Like a Country Song" (2013), "Hope Bridge" (2014) and Hidden Valley the Awakening along with her brother Booboo Stewart and also features Brandon Tyler Russell.

She was inducted into the Black Belt Junior Hall Of Fame in 2003 and is a 2002 and 2003 World Champion in Martial Arts she is the daughter of Nils Allen Stewart. Fivel is the younger sister of Boo Boo Stewart and Maegan Stewart and is called by the name Fivel simply because she liked it better than her real name, Trent.