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Remy Thorne

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Remy was born the 22nd of December 1995, in Miami, Florida, and has three sisters, Bella, Dani, and Kaili. Remy has spent time in New York and Los Angeles. He resides on both coasts to pursue his acting dream. He shares this dream with his sisters. Remy began his career at eight months old as a model. At the young age of one, Remy booked his first national commercial and hasn't stopped since.

He has appeared in more than 27 commercials, hundreds of print ads, and recently began his acting career. He has worked on the film Stuck on You (2003), the MTV presentation of Tarzan, and on the Spanish-language network Telemundo. Besides acting, Remy loves his wolf hybrid, his cocker spaniel, reading, and swimming. He also loves to spend time with his sisters in one of their imaginative games or improv comedy "shows". They all take acting classes together three times a week and enjoy their "homework". Although Remy has many friends, he considers his sisters and dogs his very best friends.

Is an animal lover and has various pets of his own, including a cocker-spaniel, a wolf cub and three cats. He and his family are active in supporting the charity organisations Nomad, UNICEF and World Vision.

Remy has also appeared in the feature films Finishing the Game, as well as the shorts "Even If", "Bad" and St. California (2008). Remy also appeared uncredited as 'Young Gary' in Captivity. For 2008 he appeared in the films "Orgies and the Meaning of Life" and "First Strike." The following year he appeared in Miss March and Rubber in 2010.

On TV he has appeared on ER, Four Kings, House M.D, Las Vegas, Criminal Minds and many others. He also appeared in the TV movie Protect and Serve and an episode of October Road. He also appeared in the pilot Mental where he played Cody.

Remy won a Young Artist Award for BEST PERFORMANCE IN A SHORT FILM Young Actor for his work in Bad.