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Ryan Hanson Bradford

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Actor Ryan Hanson Bradford was born 11 April 1995, Atlanta, Georgia, he has appeared in several television shows and did several voices in the direct to video Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild.

In 2003 he appeared in the Carnivàle episode "Milfay" and the pilot episode of Married to the Kellys as "Young Tom", the next year he guest starred on the Charmed episode "Witchness Protection" as well as playing "Michael Moore Costume Kid" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. During 2006 he appeared in three episodes of the The Bold and the Beautiful as "Young Nick".

Ryan played a central role in the "Across the Sea" episode of Lost in May 2010 during the series final season, the episode gave viewers a look back to the early days of the Island and provided and explanation to the motives of John Locke.