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Zachary Dylan Smith

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Zachary Dylan Smith was born the 23rd of November 1994, in Columbia, South Carolina. He lives there with his mom, dad and little sister Skylar, who is also in the business. He has always loved performing for people. His start was in community theater as Bob Gilbreth in Cheaper By the Dozen at the age of 6. He then continued with other stage performances including ToTo in The Wizard of Oz, which was a huge production at the Town Theatre. During this performance, at the suggestion of one of his mom's friends, he met with Sheilah Dixon a local agent and has not stopped working since.

He played the young Dale Earnhardt Sr. in 3-The Dale Earnhardt Story. He worked with J.K. Simmons(Spiderman, The LadyKillers) and Barry Pepper, Saving Private Ryan, 61). He had such a great experience. Dylan loves Nascar---anything with fast moving cars---so that was a plus. For the role Dylan had to get a buzz cut so it would fit the time era. It was such a cool set with race cars from different time periods. Before "3-The Dale Earnhardt Story", Dylan had completed over 20 commercials. he has done print ads for several companies including Macy's & Kohls. The most memorable was for Six Flags Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion because he actually got to ride the ride.

Dylan landed a recuring role on One Tree Hill as Young Dan, he also will be seen in the feature film Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon, he also played 'Young Chase' in Rex (2008) and 10-Year-Old Leonidas in Meet The Spartans (2008).

In his downtime he plays the drums. His dad is the drummer for a band called The RootDoctors. He really likes the "old school" music like Cameo & Earth, Wind & Fire. He also takes diving lessons at the University of South Carolina. He enjoys kayaking, golfing & has been trained to climb on a 50 ft. Alpine Tower. He loves yo-yoing. His favorite yo-yo out of his collection is the Cold Fusion and Buzz On Element X. Dylan loves football especially the Carolina Gamecocks since Steve Spurrier became coach.