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How to Start Your Acting Career (How to Become an Actor/Actress)

Posted by Christian Martyn
This is my story of how I became an actor... You can do it too. Thank you for watching this video and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below. I also take video requests as well. TalentINC is a NECESSITY for starting your acting career, they make it much easier to launch a good reputation and career of your very own. They can be found here. TalentINC: TalentINC Canada: TalentINC Facebook: You can also ask me questions and follow me on my social media, I am easily found here. Instagram @christianmartyn Twitter @CMartynActor Facebook Music credits to the UrbanEDM channel, you can find non-copyrighted music on this channel and it is great, check it out here. Thank you once again for watching the video and I hope you guys have great success with each of your journeys. I'll see you in the next one. Pce.
Posted May 31, 2016 - #christian Martyn  #How To be an actor 
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  • Laneesha
    Laneesha Awesome, I know I am not a regular to be asking and stuff but I know oyu are busy but maybe one time make a video how to prepare for an audition, like do you see all the other peeps that are also competing there? does it makew you nervous and stuff. cx ju...  more
  • Carly_Kwan
    Carly_Kwan Thank you for this video, nice info.
  • Coolitnow
    Coolitnow I love it, 5 stars and it takes hard work but you also need breaks I am sure. :)
  • Jon_Brit
    Jon_Brit Nice and informative.