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Teens Wanna Know - Take Me to the Poorhouse
Posted June 8, 2013 | 0 favorites
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Teens Wanna Know was invited to cover the premiere of Take Me to the Poorhouse, a one-woman play written and performed by Nigerian actress Liz Femi Wilson. Michael Manuel Peña and Nathaniel Peña spoke to Liz and her guests on the red carpet and got some insights into the world of acting and theater, as well as Mama Hope, a charity that Liz is supporting with part of the proceeds from the show. • Subscribe to the PenaChannel to see new episodes of Teens Wanna Know every week. • Listen to our Internet radio station with hot new music at • Follow us on and on • Our website is • Follow the Peña kids at • For even more, visit our fan pages on Teen Stars Online -- its free to join!
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