Teens Wanna Know - Latin Flavah Behind the Scenes Interviews
Posted August 8, 2013 | 4 favorites
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Teens Wanna Know went on location to catch a shoot with the kids & VIPs of the upcoming Latin Flavah TV Show, featuring the choreography and artistic direction of the award-winning Shane Sparks from "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "America's Best Dance Crew." Interviewed: "Flavah Crew": Jordyn Jones, Malia Tinay, Tatiana McQuay, Kaycee Rice, Lexee Smith, Victoria Hernandez, Julian Hott, Kayla Kawasaki, Marlee Hightower, Zach Belandres, Kida Burns, Gabriel De Guzman, Brian Pierce, Josh Levi, Melissa Ochoa, DJ Kiss. Also: Shane Sparks, Bobby "Kato" Drake from the larger than Life Foundation, CEO of BSR Entertainment Brenda Russell-Baca, Producer Cassius Weathersby from "You Got Served," "DC Cab," and more, and Shane Sparks. Links: http://bsrhollywood.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Latin-Flavah-TV-Show/224713591009554 http://twitter.com/latinflavah2013 • Subscribe to the PenaChannel to see new episodes of Teens Wanna Know every week. • Listen to our Internet radio station with hot new music at http://teenswannaknow.com/radio • Follow us on http://twitter.com/teenswannaknow and on http://facebook.com/teenswannaknow. • Our website is http://TeensWannaKnow.com. • Follow the Peña kids at http://facebook.com/penasiblingsfanpage. • For even more, visit our fan pages on Teen Stars Online http://teenstarsonline.com -- its free to join!
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