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  • 29 Sep 2017
                                                      Aftermath (Chapter 1)   Date: Thursday - July 23, 2056Time: 11:23 AMLocation: Coast of Panama City, Florida       "This is the United States Office of Civil Defence. This is not a test! The following information will ensure your safety in the following crisis. There has been a violent outbreak in the city of New York, New York. The origins of this virus are unknown but are being classified as a Level 1 threat to the United States population. The following list is a recommended safety precaution you and your family should survive until the CDC or Center for Disease Control arrived to rescue any NON-CONTAMINATED survivors..."                                                                **Radio signal fades off**                                                               **Air Raid Sirens Blare**                                                                Thursday - July 23, 2056, 8:32 pm (Begining of Black Summer.)   "Mom what the hell does that mean?!" I asked my mom even though I knew what the situation was full. "I don't know baby but we definitely don't want to get caught up in it. Call your dad and tell him to call uncle George. Make sure you let him know we're fine." What that emergency broadcast guy said nearly had me shaking so bad I thought it was an earthquake rather than epidemic.                                                                     **Radio clicks back on receiving another signal**   "This an update from the United States Office of Civil Defence. The virus is now known as Virus X. Virus X is has been studied lightly and is known to affect adults that are age 21 and up. This does not mean you're infected. The virus only becomes active after death. Do not enter areas where the death toll is over 10. The Virus is known to reanimate the deceased and control only the upper body area. The reanimated bodies will seem human-like but are nothing similar. If you are in a situation where you must protect yourself aim for or destroy the brain. This will give the virus no option but to kill its self."                                                                                                                                                       **Radio cuts out once again.**     I honestly thought that while I was calling my dad it could have possibly been the longest dial tone I ever heard. It was hard for me to believe that I was actually experiencing possibly the end of the world, or as many call it.... The Apocolypse. "Hello! TJ, thank God are you ok?" "Yeah, Dad just a little shaken by what going on." My Dad and I kept going on about what was happening and who to call after we got off the phone. I could hardly remember the names that were said because of the bad connection. I was so confused and didn't know what to do. "Mom just got off the phone with dad; he's on his way home right now." Just after I said that was a loud roar. My mom and ran outside to see what it was. We looked up into the sky and saw 4 missiles. Each traveling north. "My mom said to go inside and turn the radio back on. I pressed the power button and the radio came to a static intro, "This is the United States Office of Civil Defence, Unfortunately Virus X has been deemed UNCONTAINABLE! Recent studies show that the reanimated feed only on the uncontaminated age 17 and up. Children and teens between the ages 16and lower seem to be safe from the reanimated. The United States has issued full nuclear coverage in the New York area. Anyone in this area or within a 200-mile radius of this area should seek a fallout shelter or flee the area. The initial launch of all four missiles will happen at 3:40 AM Pacific Standard Time. Impact one is scheduled for 5:40 AM PST, second strike 6:00 AM PST, Third strike 6:20 AM PST, last and final strike at 6:40 AM PST. As you know these strikes are scheduled for 20-minute intervals."                                                                                         **Radio cuts out**     My Mom and I had been shaking for what seemed like hours until we heard my Dad's keys jingle at the door. He told us to leave everything and get the car because we need to leave now. Uncle George had been waiting for us at the airport. He said we were going to Washington state. Driving to the airport was quiet and awkward as we were all still getting the just of what was going on. The music on the radio was interrupted by the CDC and United States Air Force. "This is a message from the United States Center for Disease Control, for those trying to leave the country or any states with a 300-mile vicinity of New York state, Please listen carefully as this will mainly focus on YOUR survival! For those that wish to be air transported to another location, you will need to pass a Health & Wellness Security check station. The station will guarantee you're that you are not infected by Virus X or any showing any of its symptoms. If you fail this check you will be rerouted to a quarantine area where the minorly infected will transport together. to a facility in southern New Jersey. Any unauthorized transportation by air will be dealt with by the United States Air Force. Deadly force is authorized if necessary by President Nasru.
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  • 06 Feb 2018
                                                         Aftermath      Chapter 2: Flashing Memories: You know sometimes I daze off into my own fantasy land. I could for hours in my sleep and even longer when I'm awake. My mom was riding shotgun nagging my dad's ear off as he drove further and further from New York. My mom wanted to go to the fallout shelters but my dad said we would make it. Seconds on the interstate turned minutes. Minutes to hours. Hours to days. **TJ jolts out of a nap to his mom screaming** "TJ honey, get Do...." Silence as a huge metal rod flew yards off the ground into the heart of Manhatten. Silence as all our arms whipped over our eyes to protect them from the bright flash of light. Mushroom cloud. That iconic cloud. A true symbol of fear. Sound fades back to reality as my dad whips the car around trying to outrun the concussive blast of the nuke. Suddenly the car began to fly as the blast caught up with us and threw us with the car 10 feet in the air. **BAM** the car lands hood first on the tarmac. **BAM** As it falls on its side. **SREECH** as it rolls upside down. Nothing but black. No sound, no color, no movement, no one here... But you. "Oh gosh, Mom? Dad?" TJ says as he wakes up to his parent's unconscious bodies. TJ lies still on the hood of the car traumatized by the accident. July 24, 2056, Friday (Day 1 after initial impact)11:43 AM Location: 4 miles outside of Bridgewater, NJ TJ's dad jolts back to life as he gasps for air. He then coughs and spits on the ground as he realizes how sour and tangy the air is like a powdered fire extinguisher. "TJ? TJ? Where are you?" Dad omg you're alive. TJ's dad unbuckles his seatbelt and falls head first on the hood of the car. "Babe are you ok? Honey wake up!" "Dad?" TJ says confused. TJ's dad shakes his head and begins to tear up. **Approximately 30 minutes later**"TJ, we need to move it is not safe here and we need move off the street." Tj takes one last look at his mother as he walks away. He notices that her head slight moves. "MOM?!" TJ yells in dought. TJ's mom moves her head side to side and struggles to get out of the upside down position. He runs and falls to knees at the door of the flipped car. As he grabs his pocket knife to cut the seat belt, his mom turns her head and snaps viciously at his hands. "Mom?" He says confused, tears running down his face. TJ's mom peers deeply into TJ's eyes and he notices that her eyes have changed from pure hazel to a bright flame yellow. Present Day Friday, January 15th, 2057 2:35 AM TJ Jumps up, eyes open wide, and sweating bricks. "Another one bro?" Ask his best friend Mikael. "Yea bro. I don't know what's going it keeps happening and keeps happening." TJ scratched his head and threw his head back and looked through the big hole in the ceiling up at the stars. He breathed deeply hoping the nightmares and flashbacks would stop. "TJ you think we will find what we're looking for tomorrow?" Asked Mikael. "Yeah. Ain't no reason we wouldn't find it bud." TJ responded. The next morning TJ woke up to see his friend standing on the edge of the balcony holding on to the railing. "Looking at the building again?" Asked TJ "Yea... Just seems like heaven there. Like paradise, ya know? No infected, place for us kids to hang out, and just complete relaxation." Mikael said sounding eager to get there. "Yea, I know. It sounds good to not have to look around every corner you pass and not carry a 10-pound rifle everywhere you go." TJ added. "Do you think we can make it that deep into the city?" Mikael asked. "You know... to be honest, I don't know. I have heard the virus is evolving and learning the human body. They say once you reach 17 the virus begins to make irrational and aggressive. at age 18 or 19 you begin to be depressed and cause you to do things without thinking. Age 20 it's supposed to kill you." TJ said. "But enough of that. You know I don't like telling you about the virus. It makes you a little jittery." TJ explained. "Yea sorry buddy," Mikael responded. "Let's get going. we got about 2 hours of walking to do if we want to even get close to the city walls. the gate closes for the night in 3 hours, I don't know about you but I intend to be on the inside of the alls and night wait outside till the next day." TJ said as he began packing their stuff. 10 minutes later... "Mikael?" TJ yelled calling for his friend. "Yeah... im here. I'm coming." Mikael responded to TJ's relief. "Remember what I said no wondering. I can't have you getting lost again. Not after what happened last week." TJ said. "Last week... Ha... Last week" Mikael began daydreaming waling with TJ. Last week... Sunday, January 10th, 2057 "TJ, look a store!" Mikael informed TJ "Good Mikael, good. Let's go check it out ok." Mikael and TJ were very close TJ ran into Mikael shortly after his father became exposed to the virus. TJ had to escape his dad because he couldn't deal with putting him to rest. Not after seeing his mom the way she was. TJ met Mikael inside a traffic tunnel on his way to the city. "Let's go, Mikael and be careful buddy and don't shoot unless you have to I have a suppressor and you don't so it will attract more of the X's," TJ told Mikael. X's was what they called the infected. Named after the Virus X. Mikael was a great shot. He was a JROTC trainee before the initial impact of Manhattan."Okay Mikael, let's go, buddy," TJ whispered. "Mikael?" TJ became worried and suddenly from across the store, he heard 3 shots. "Mikael!" He yelled. TJ ran dropping all the scavenged items he had to look for Mikael. "TJ!" Mikael yelled. TJ stood shocked as he watched the X's crawl closer to Mikael. "TJ!!" Yelled Mikael again.
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  • 11 Feb 2018
                                                                  Aftermath   Aftermath (Chapter 3): What Now?!                      TJ stood still staring at Mikael as the Xs grew closer and closer to him. "TJ!!!" Yelled Mikael. TJ snapped back into reality and began taking the Xs down one by one. Shot after shot made more and more of them come to their area. "Come on let's go, Mikael!" TJ said. Present day...                "Hey... HEY!! You ok bro?" TJ asked. "Yes just day-dreamin' again," Mikael said. "Remember to try not to doze off bro... it makes you wander off and you know what happens after that," TJ explained. "Let's go we better get moving if we want to make it." TJ continued. TJ and Mikael walked down the stairwell into the lobby of the hotel. "I am still trying to picture what this place would have looked like before the Xs took it over." TJ wondered.                                                                                           30 minutes later...                            "Wait... did you hear that?" TJ said surprised by the noise. " "Yea sounded like kids." Mikael Suggested. "What do you want to do?" Mikael added. "Let's go check it out. They may be in trouble." TJ said. TJ and Mikael ventured carefully into the treeline. "They sound close let's keep going," TJ said. "Keep the time make sure if we're not out in 10 minutes we need to keep going or we will be locked out the city for the night. Okay, Mikael?" TJ added. "Okay TJ starting time now." Said Mikael. They both continued slowly deeper into the woods looking for the boys they heard. "Wait, TJ... I don't hear them anymore." Mikael said. "Time check," TJ said. "7 minutes left," Mikael responded. "Let's go... it may too late," TJ said. Just as soon as they turned around, out jumped two kids yelling at them! "Where is he?! Tell us where he is! NOW!!" They both yelled at the same time. It was like an old western dual stance. 2 gunners versus 2 gunners. "Okay wait... What's going on?" Asked Mikael. "My name is Jannik" "My name is Adrien," They said introducing each other. "I am TJ and this Mikael, my best friend," TJ said introducing himself and Mikael. "What are you guys doing here, and who are talking about we have no one that belongs to your group," TJ said reassuring them. "We are Trikrew there are three of us hince the name Trikrew. One of our teammates have gone missing and he has been missing for 4 days. It's unlike him to travel by himself as he is a very shy and self-kept boy.                           We came here to look for him because an old man told us of an old hotel that was in the area. He may have been there. His name is Stewart." Jannik said. "TJ I know what you're thinking, If we take them back to the hotel we will not make it to the city," Mikael said. "Yea, I know. We can go in the morning okay. We have to help them." TJ said to Mikael. "Let's go we can take you to the hotel. We used to stay there." TJ said. The four boy left woods back out onto the highway. "So tell us. What are you guy heading to the city for?" Asked Adrien. "Well, look behind you. Do you see that big building? The tallest one you see. They say that it was taken over by this 12-year-old kid. His parents owned that building it's called the palace. Everyone says any kid is allowed in as long as your younger than 17. It will be my last chance to go and see it since im turning 17 in a few months." TJ said explaining it as if it were heaven. "Yea TJ tells me all about it every night. that's why we were going into the city." Mikael added. "You guys do know that the building and most of the city has been overrun?!" Adrien told them. "Wait, what?!" TJ said in shock. "But this boy just told me that is was safe just a few weeks ago. We just finish scavaging for the materials we need to trade our way into the building." He added.                          "Well save it, cause the only thing left there is looters, marauders, and sneak thieves," Jannik said. "You guys should stick with us you guys have great weapons and we could use a sniper at out base," Adrien said. "Yea." Jannik agreed. "How good a shot are you Mikael?" Asked Jannik. "My record is a headshot at 625 meters." Mikael bragged. "Well, our base is integrated into a mountain and has only a front area of about 350 meters from the doorstep to the gate. you reckon that's enough space for a marksman like you?" Jannik encouraged Mikael. "Yea. TJ can we please? I'm tired of that hotel. It would be nice to have other people hang out with us right Buddy?" Mikael begged. "Okay we help Jannik and Adrien find Stewart and we stay in the hotel for the night and we will move back to their base in the morning," TJ said. "By the way what type of sniper is that Mikael?" Asked Adrien. "It's a Barrett 50 caliber M82A1. It's my prized possession." Mikael said caressing the barrel. What you got there TJ." Jannik asked. "It's my Tavor X95. Chambered in 5.56" TJ said patting the magazine. "Well, we're almost there let's finish this," TJ added. The boys continued walking for another 10 minutes before they came up to the front door to the lobby of the hotel. "What the heck happened here?!" TJ said in shock again.
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  • 26 Feb 2018
                                                                          Aftermath                                                                           (Chapter 4): Making Friends             TJ stood in awe confused and a bit angry at how quickly the setting of the hotel had changed. "What the heck happened here?" Mikael said. Wires sparked and fluttered around as they dangled from the ceiling and walls. TJ and Mikael looked around imagining what could have happened to the hotel. "Smells like gunpowder in here," TJ says. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. " Mikael continues. "Let's go. Help us find Stewart. He could be stuck or hurt." Jannik says panicked. "Yea let's go. There are only 4 floors that had rooms that weren't locked so Jannik you check rooms 121, 155, and 163 on the first floor. relief those are the only unlocked rooms on that floor. Mikael, you check floor 3 you know what rooms are unlocked. Adrien, you check rooms 834, 865, and 811 on floor 8. I will check the penthouse floor. Let's meet back here in 10 minutes ok guys? At the front desk, there are I fully charged walkie-talkies that we can keep in touch I. Keep in mind we did not waste our ammo trying to completely clear this hotel so some rooms may have Xs inside. Knock on the door wait a minute and then go in guns t the ready ok?" TJ Gave everyone their instructions and everyone one split up onto there designated floors.              Jannik took the stairs to the next floor above the lobby which was the first floor. He looked at a very detailed map of the first floor and pictured it in his head as he mentally marked where the rooms were and began heading towards the first door. "Guy's Don't be surprised if you hear gunshots through the walkie-talkies. It's almost inevitable for someone to run into an X in these close quarters." Said TJ over the walkie-talkie. Jannik knocked on the first door and pressed his ear up against the coldness of it. Inside sounded silent. He twisted the doorknob slowly and pushed the door open. Jannik let out a heavy breath. He looked around and saw that the room was empty. He continued his search and looked throughout the room for food, drinks, or anything of use. after looking around the room for 2 minutes he remembered that he had to finish looking for Stewart. He left the room. Jannik proceeded to the next room. He opened the door and barged in. To his relief, nothing was there. yet he was disappointed to not find any salvageable items.              "This TJ, we found him floor 12, room 1212," TJ said surprised."Okay, we heard you loud and clear on our way up now," Jannik said Excitedly. "Oh, my gosh Stewart. What are you doing? Why have you wondered from the base so far?" Adrien asked looking so worried. "Let's go if yall want to be back to that base of your's before nightfall, we best get moving now sunsets in 2 hours," Mikael said. The group began to move from the hotel lobby back onto the highway. "So can you guys tell me how far away exactly is you guy's base?" TJ asked curiously. "It's approximately miles from here. we have a bit of a walk." Stewart said. "Well I dought he is wrong he walks around so often he knows the area like the back of his hand," Jannik added. "Yeah, it is somewhat true. I travel the land very frequently. Mainly because I have a fear of Virus-X evolving into being a little smarter and working the human body. I Think it may start to cause the infected to gather in groups and cause herds of these infected people. If that were to happen I would want to know where im going in order to escape... and I certainly would not want to leave my group alone." Stewart explained.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Approx. 40 minutes later...                "Here we are. Home sweet home." Jannik said with a relief. As TJ and Mikael walked through the gates of the Military base he soon realized that there would be some sense of safety and not being on your own. "You see that tower Mikael, and those two boys? They will teach you every inch of this base what your position should be. And we have a huge arsenal of rifles for you to choose from." Jannik and Stewart were making Mikael so excited. "TJ as for you, our security detail is very strong and could use an extra hand. I promise you would like it... come with me TJ I want you to meet my best friend on this base. His name is Stunna. He is our best sniper here and is also head of the security detail, I think you and him will get along very well." "Sir! This is TJ. He is out new recruit on the security detail and he is a very good shot sir." Adrien said. Stunna was a very fit and strict kid. he was raised in a military family and his mom and dad worked on the base before the infection spread. "So TJ, where exactly are you from my friend?" Stunna said curiously giving TJ a look that made TJ's arms get chills. "Well, I'm from Florida sir." "FLORIDA?!?!" Stunna said surprised. "Yes sir," TJ responded. "" He asked. "Well, sir My best friend Mikael and I we met in this tunnel right outside of Miami. We found a car and siphoned gas for it and drove the rest of the way." TJ explained. "Well looks like we got ourselves some mechanical security guards," Stunna said.                                                                                                                **Alarm sounds at front gate** "Crap, let's go!!! Move everyone!!! MOVE!!!" Stunna yelled. "What going on?!" TJ asked. "We're under attack!" Stunna said.
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Fiction 435 views Sep 21, 2017
Aftermath Intro (Teaser)

                                                                                                       Aftermath (intro)





"Hey TJ, You ready bro?" "One sec Teejay, I just have to finish hooking up this last wire." Well, hurry up Puppies and Kittens outside starting to sniff us out." "How many?" "TJ just hurry up, before it becomes too many to handle." "Okay, got it. let's bail!" "The timer is set for 2 minutes so we got to get the hell out of here." TJ and Teejay ran through the Z infested building down to the lobby. "AHHH!" "TJ!!!" Teejay looked back and saw TJ's foot stuck in a weak floorboard. "TJ grab my hand!" TJ reached and got out of the floor just before some Z's came running out of a room near them. "Let's go and try not to go under again." "10 seconds! let's go!" Teejay began counting down. "5...4...3...2..."


  • Jayden
    Jayden So when does this start or it remains a trailer? lol
    September 26, 2017
  • Commander
    Commander Yes Jayden. the Release of the full Chapter will be this Friday.
    September 26, 2017
  • Josh_J
    Josh_J I dont want to be in this, he gives boy roles to girls.
    September 27, 2017
  • Jay Z
    Jay Z Am I up in this my G?
    October 1, 2017