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  • Posted: December 12, 2013
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Transportation Company
Firstly you must read game story when the game loaded. And then click to next and write your company name and click to next button. Next window the game
will found 10 new jobs for you. when you get the jobs click go Mission button and start the game. Also you can play these keys for the control.
Shift : Signal Close, L Key: Off/On headlights, H Key : Horn, Space Key : For Abs Breake and use arrow keys for driving truck.
Do you want create own transportation company ? If you ok, this game is for you! Object of the game. You will create your own transportation
company. Firstly you are given a truck. You will createing your company and then you will get 10 new job. Your aim accurate and fast! Because you need
more much money for grow. you should pay attention these : You must be careful when return. you can return with maximum 100 degrees. If you return with
more much you will lose money. You have got 60 seconds for each job. Earn the most money. Be 1st amoung who play the game. Good Luck.
Arrow Keys: Driving
H: Horn
L: Headlights
Shift: Signal Control
Space: Brake
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow