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  • Posted: October 22, 2013
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Guns And Golds
Respect is everything in the Tough world of The West. It was a bad day for Sheriff , he overslept after that large beer he had last night. "Sheriff , Do something the bank is being robbed" screams a random villager ,"Skull bandits are attacking the town , they are getting away with the gold".

Unable to catch them on time sheriff has lost all his dignity and his only Destiny is to get it back. With support of his trusted Firearms and Ghost of his Dead Twin Brother sheriff starts his long journey to bring back his Respect. Who knows how much massacre will he have to make to avenge his dignity.

Guns and Golds

Is a 2d Side Scroller Action Shooter , featuring multiple Guns and ways of using them , Kill the Skull bandits and Dr.G (Boss) . Upgrade your guns to make them more and more Effective. Bring peace to your town.

Dont worry for aiming ... Just Shoot , Sheriff Uses "Auto Aim" to select the targets.Arrow Keys to Move Jump and Duck

Use 'Z' to call Ghost twin brother

Use 'X' to cycle Weapons

Use 'C' to Shoot.
Change Weapon: C
Fire: X
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow