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    Hidden Valley the Awakening

    This was talked about since about 2013 and now it is 2017 is this movie coming? I am referring to Hidden Valley the Awakening.
    Brandon told us about it like 4 years ago, did it come and I missed it?
    Last Replied by Susie Q - January 28, 2017
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    Hidden Valley the Awakening

    IMDB list this new movie with Brandon playing Zack Gooden.
    here is the plot from IMDB
    (HIDDEN VALLEY; a dark mystery lies hidden in a small rural community as a chilling story unfolds about young love, life, and the extreme measures a sm
    Last Replied by BTRChick - June 30, 2013
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    Talk about Smitty here when you have seen it, no spoilers tho...I am still waiting for mine I look everyday for it to be delivered...I hope tom.
    So anxious to see it.
    Last Replied by WeFlyHigh - June 14, 2012
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    Awesome, so fast all memebrs will fill this back up lets hope we get everyone from old group and more.

    Last Replied by Julie_Star - April 3, 2012