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    No Cameron Boyce on Oscars tribute.

    I know the Oscars always pay tribute to those who are in the biz that passed away, so I watched this boring crap waiting just to see them put Cameron up and they did not, to be fair also Luke Parry and many others were missing. I searched and read an arti
    Last Replied by CB4EVA - Mar 15
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    Jessie DVD set

    Are all four seasons of Jessie on DVD or just season one? I am confused I heard some say all 4 seasons are out in a boxset but I can only find season one......I want the whole series.
    Last Replied by Anders H - November 8, 2019
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    RIP Cameron Boyce

    I saw this on my computer screen this morning I was it is a joke, then it is all over and I feel so sick and weak and nervous, omg I can't believe it I am such a big fan from the start. I don't know what to do I can hardly type, I love Cameron so much, he
    Last Replied by Aze13 - August 27, 2019
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    Cameron Boyce - Coming Soon

    Excited waiting for Descendants 3 and "Runt" coming in 2019, does anyone know if the TV movie "Steps" have aired? I know IMDB says a 2018 and the year is ending fast and I have heard nothing about when it is on.
    Last Replied by Earlene - November 14, 2018
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    Cameron's Crew?

    Where is Cameron's Crew these days since Jessie ended it has been so quiet, but I do see fans still coming on but the club is quiet There is lots of stuff to talk about there is still Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything going strong and Came
    Last Replied by Shawna - September 4, 2018
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    Descendants 3

    Now we know that Cameron and the gang will be back in 2019 in Descendants 3, I can't wait to see it.
    How about you other fans, I can't believe how quite the club is since Jessie went off the ait, makes me wonder if some of you all were Jessie fans and no
    Last Replied by Jazzy_Girl - August 18, 2019
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    Disney Stars - Then and Now

    Hey all you might find this link interesting....let me knmow what you think.
    Disney Stars - Then and Now.
    Last Replied by Missthing - November 16, 2017
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    Descendants 2 Trailer

    Hey sup CB Fans the trailer for Descendants 2 is out as I am sure you know, so what do you think? I cant wait to see it looks totally awesome.
    Check it out right here in the club.
    Last Replied by Jazzy_Girl - August 20, 2017
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    Descendants 2

    I am sure you CB fans know he will be back in Disney's "Descendants 2" coming next year...here is some info on the plot from Disney.
    When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Mal, she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of
    Last Replied by Darth Maul - January 9, 2017
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    Gamer's Guide Season 2

    Well Gamer's Guide is wel into it's second season what do you all think of it so far? I know a few of you said you did not like the show and Jessie was way better.
    Last Replied by Jazzy_Girl - October 8, 2016