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    Young Donegal actress Amybeth McNulty's series has picked up a top gong from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.
    Irish-Canadian actress Amybeth and her Anne with a E co-stars and crew are celebrating after winning Best Drama a
    Last Replied by Rhea - Mar 16
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    Canadian Screen Awards 2018: Anne has leading 13 nominations

    Our fav series leads the Canadian Screen Awards TV with 13 Nominations..yeaaaaaaaaaaa :)
    This is just proving what all fans know, that this is an awesome series, so congrats to all the cast and crew and all involved in bringing it to the screen. :)
    Last Replied by No Comply - Feb 14
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    Christian Martyn - Breakout

    I got to see it and I don't see a topic on it in the club, it is a fun movie because I love these kinda action and adventure and even better it is kids in danger from some bad guys. I also love the setting of the movie the outdors wilderness type setting.
    Last Replied by Leandro - Jan 15
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    Anne Season 2 Press Release

    Some might find this a good read as we try to put any good info we find up for fans.
    This is the press release announcing the return of the acclaimed series.
     Press Release.
    Last Replied by Nasru - Jan 8
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    The Christmas Parade 2017 Air Times

    Another Christmas Season and time to watch The Christmas Parade once more peeps. It might be on other Networks etc but here are the Hallmark show times for 2017.
    Wednesday December 6 12:00 AM
    Wednesday December 13 4:00 PM
    Tuesday December 26 4:00 PM
    Last Replied by Summer - December 23, 2017
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    John A.: Birth of a Country

    Sup guys has anyone seen "John A.: Birth of a Country" ? I am trying to see all movies or TV shows animated or live that Christian was in or did voice.
    Is it on video? how do I check I can't find it.
    Last Replied by Lukas - November 27, 2017
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    Fav Christian Martyn movie

    I am just posting this as a follow-up to the poll, since we can just make one choice we can talk ahere about others we liked and why, I think this could be a cool discussion. :)
    Take The Poll
    Last Replied by Smooth Criminal - November 2, 2017
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    Anne With an E - Season 2

    Lets use this thread to talk about Anne season 2, what do you think will happen or what you would like to see, so far from a topic at they report that we should wonder what will happen to Gilbert after his father died and he moved out of th
    Last Replied by Josh_J - September 27, 2017
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    Ok all of you that are on twitter use this on your tweets #BringBackAnne, dont matter how many of you have it I know not many nut put it in there ok. Also @Netflix and @YourCBCtv...lets do this.
    Last Replied by Geraldine - August 13, 2017
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    Bring back Anne With an E Petition.

    If you came direct to the club just sharing that there is a petition to sign, some kids might be too young get your parents sign it. Anne petition.
    Last Replied by One_Love - July 17, 2017