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How do I collect points?

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by Anonymous in Advice about January 22, 2013 closed - report

Like someone and shy/scared to tell them

What if you like someone but you are shy or scared to tell them you do, what can I do does anyone have any ideas, I would really appreciate it. I am desperate before someone else that is not shy tell them they like them.

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    by True_Blue about January 26, 2013 Best answer

    Here is what you do, smile at them and help them if you see them needing help with something also find ways to talk about something like if you see something going on mention it wlel you know what I mean.

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    by Teen Angel about January 30, 2013

    I dont know when you find out please let me know. :)

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    by Jeff_Wincott about January 23, 2013

    How about me questioning you and answewr, how did this person get to ask a question anon?

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    by OG John about January 22, 2013

    Well just open your mouth and tell the person, wait and you lose. 

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    by Oпікун about January 22, 2013

    Well then show you like them by being nice to them and stuff, smile at them say hi etc...thats all I can think of.

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