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by Emo Boy in Television about March 31, 2013 closed - report

What is the song and band Merle was listening to.???

Hey sup anyone know what is the name of the song and the band Merle was listening to in the car on The Walking Dead - This Sorrowful Life.????

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    by Pink Floyd about April 9, 2013 Best answer

    Wrong guys, it was Motorhead but the song is "Fast And Loose" and the other song was Ted Nugent's "Turn it Up"....I nevr heard Kiled by Death at all in that sequence.

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    • Admin
      by Admin
      April 9, 2013

      Exactly those are the two songs playing on the car stereo....correct answer guys not Killed by Death.

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    by Klattuu about April 2, 2013

    Yea Killed By Death that is an awesome old heavy metal song by Motorhead...look them up on Youtube.

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    by Skater_TJ about April 2, 2013

    Well then Motorhead rocks, I also wanted to know the name of it now I am going to look it up. +1 dude.

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