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by JeffJones in Movies about June 1, 2013 open - report

After Earth - Hit or Miss?

Have you seen After Earth? what was your impression hit or miss?

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  • 4

    by Nasru about October 16, 2013

    Well I liked it so thats all that matter to me, I thought it was cool.

    • Score: 0
  • 31

    by Skater_TJ about July 28, 2013

    Add me to the list of those who thought After Earth was a lousy movie.

    • Score: 0
  • 10

    by Jeff_Wincott about June 7, 2013

    After Earth is abysmal go see Oblivion a far superior film along the same lines.

  • 3

    by Front_Row_Center about June 6, 2013

    Not as bad as it is being made out by critics and not as good as expected.

    See what I said here in the forum.

  • 38

    by Island_Star about June 5, 2013

    This was no good, boooooooooooooo, well I liked some effects but mostly the movie *****

  • 7

    by Riley about June 3, 2013

    Well I am reading where many people say it was rubbish but I still want to see it.

    Also finished number 3 at weekend results for money that is not god for a movie that was made with so much money.

  • 3

    by WeFlyHigh about June 2, 2013

    Well I wont bother seeing it from all I have read I will save my money and wait till it is on Netflix. :D ..well it was not even tops at the boxoffice for the first weekend here Now You See me beat it.

  • 12

    by Anonymous about June 2, 2013

    Well I am no critic but I do know when I like a movie or not and I did not like this.

    The movie was dullsville it was all Jaden and lots of CGI and the CGI looked cheap to me considering the budget of this movie.

    I wanted to like it but it was so boring, a few good scenes but boring.

  • 3

    by RandyShellyFan about June 2, 2013

    I went to see Jaden, but the movie is very boring but maybe it is because I am a girl :D

  • 38

    by Klattuu about June 1, 2013

    Well I di dnot like it, it was a two man show with some CGI as guest stars.

    I think Jaden Smith performance was ok, I can't say he is the reason it is not a good film but more M.Khight whose string of bombs continues. I say



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