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by sassygurl22 in Celebrities about January 22, 2014 open - report

justin bieber

why do people hate justin bieber so much?????

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  • 12

    by Miko about March 15, 2014

    People hate Justin Biebrr because of how her acts, plus he is not that good. lol

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  • 24

    by Kaitiexoxox about January 27, 2014

    Well um they hate him cuzz he is an igit. lolz

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  • 12

    by Miko about January 24, 2014

    He is bad NEWS.

  • 12

    by $NavyBoy$ about January 24, 2014

    Never liked him but he has lost his way as fame and fortune has gone to his head. Now what if that drug and alcohol fueled idiot had run head on into some poor family on the way home? He is headed for CLUB27 maybe before.

  • 16

    by Garyiscool about January 23, 2014

    Lets see he has no talent, he is an idiot whose behavior has gone completely out of control. Look he wants to drown in booze and drugs fine but dont get in car to kill some inocent person on the road someones kid, mom dad, etc.

  • 0

    by Anonymous about January 23, 2014

    Because he is a loser and a punk and will be dead in a few years if he dont change and I was a BIG fan but not after last night drving drunk is no joke the idiot could have killed innocent people. GROW UP BIEBER.

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    • Kaitiexoxox
      by Kaitiexoxox
      January 27, 2014

      Everyone knows this is you BIEBER4LYFE you a fair weathered fan think I dump Cameron for a few mistakes.

  • 19

    by OG John about January 23, 2014

    Um let me see, because he is a sodding idiot.

  • 5

    by 1D_Gurl about January 22, 2014

    Lets see, there are so many but how about his recent behavior?

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