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by CoolJ in Television about March 16, 2015 open - report

The Walking Dead

Why don't they call the Zombies on The Walking Dead Zombies?? I mean that is what they are but I have never heard the word Zombie used..why? and what are all the names  you have heard people on the show used besides Walkers?

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    by Missthing about March 19, 2015

    My whole house watch this not me, I pass by and I say ok these are dead people decaying and why the people on the show are neevr like omg the smell? I see them go into old store and stmelluff closed up fill with them and no reaction like what a smell..that is dumb.

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    • Rachel
      by Rachel
      March 19, 2015

      LOL, yes that is true.

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    by Emo Boy about March 18, 2015

    FYI the word walker was first used by Morgan in the pilot, so Rick got that work from him. In the camp Glenn called them geeks.

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    by JoeCool about March 17, 2015

    This is what Robert Kirman said when asked why they are not known as Zombies.


    [In the world of "The Walking Dead," he said, the concept of zombies doesn't exist.

    "One of the things about this world is that people don't know how to shoot people in the head at first, and they're not familiar with zombies, per se," Kirkman said on "Talking Dead." "This isn't a world the (George) Romero movies exist in, for instance … because we don't want to portray it that way, we felt like having them be saying 'zombie' all the time would harken back to all of the zombie films which we, in the real world, know about.

    "So by calling them something different, we're kind of giving a nod to … these people don't understand the situation. They've never seen this in pop culture, this is a completely new thing for them."]

    That is Kirman's answer and other names people have used are DEAD HEADS, Empties, Goons, Monsters and more I forgot.

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    • Sofine
      by Sofine
      March 18, 2015

      THat is exactly what David said earlier, only you confirmed it with a source as truth.

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    by Skater_TJ about March 17, 2015

    I think I have heard them called creepers on the show.

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    by Emo Boy about March 16, 2015

    Yes it is weird they never cal them Zombies but let me see how any names used I can remember.

    In season one Glenn called them Geeks.

    Season 2 those guys at the bar called them lame brains

    Season 3 the governor called them Biters.

    Season 4 when Rick took Carol out to dump her that guy and girl said Skin eaters.

    That is it I can't rememebr others.

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