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  • Posted August 10, 2021
    More rubbish American Television it is a bloody wasteland, not that here is much better but you take the cake there.
  • Posted August 13, 2021
    I have never seen this likely piece of American TV rubbish but just the very idea, I mean you have to be a quite dodgy person to even think of letting a 40-year-old woman pay a 14-year-old boy, I mean that is twisted don't you have teen actors?
  • Posted August 14, 2021
    La télévision américaine est une poubelle.
  • Posted November 7, 2021
    Is this rubbish actually still playing on American TV screens? the rubish on American TV how do you all stand it over there. :P
  • Posted November 12, 2021
    This woke piece of garbage has been unbelievably renewed for a second season despite possibly being the worst dhow in the history of broadcast TV.

    This woke garbage might play 6 years simply because it ticks all the fields for being woke, these days movie and TV care not about creating good entertainment with great characters they first say we must have the gay couple, the interracial couple, the Lesbian, The Transgender and on and on the only taboo is a white male Christian.

    I have nothing against any mentuioned but to make sure a film ot show has all those represented over entertainment is ludicrious no wonder people are tuning out.
  • Posted November 13, 2021
    For purpose of critique and comment I watched an episode without throwing up, one review I read said the Wokest and worst show on TV, what more could I ad this is total garbage, and the idea of using a woman that age to play a 14-year-old boy only a decrypt Hollywood mind could think that is great.
  • Posted November 14, 2021
    Very few will dispute that this is not rubbish, has one of the lowest ratings on IMDB that I have seen in years I mean The Hottie & the Nottie territory. 

    Chad 2.7
    Hottie 1.9
  • Posted April 6, 2022
    Easily the worst show in the history of broadcast television and they renewed it not because it is popular they renewed it because it ticks all their politically correct buttons that is why TV and movies are generally crap these days.