• Posted October 20, 2020
    I was excited to see "Antlers" when I saw the trailer and I think it was supposed to be out by now but the pandemic stopped so many movies and some went right to streaming.

    I am not in the USA so was this released or did it stream? I still want to see this big time.
  • Posted Jan 22
    @Lukas, I want to see Antlers also I guess due to the pandemic and stull it is opening October 29, 2021, and I hope by then we can go to the movies with no worries about catching the Corona virus.
  • Posted Jan 23
    I want to see this it was held up by the pandemic or would be even on video by now.
  • Posted Jan 23
    After I saw the trailer I was waiting for "Antlers" also but then the pandemic came, cool by October should be safe to be back at the movies......................... I HOPE.
  • Posted Jan 24
    Movies with bad or evil kids always freak me out so that is why I want to see Antlers. :)
  • Posted Jan 24
    I forgot about this movie and I wanted to see it from the time I saw the trailer but the pandemic messed up everything, now have to wait for Halloween to see it?
  • Posted Jan 25
    Snap, I forgot about this movie with the pandemic going on now over a year, I want o see it but now not till Halloween time.
  • Posted Jan 26
    I want to see it, the trailer is so creepy seeing a small kid doing such freaky things. ugh!
  • Posted Feb 11
    Thank you, since I watched the commercial for Antlers I wanted to see it and I hope I get to streaming or something soon after it starts in the USA.
  • Posted Mar 6
    The trailer looks so freaky, kids like that really freak me out in movies.