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Bella King


Bella King is a talented young actress, director, and writer, born in Montana, and raised in both Canada and the US, Bella's acting skills were evident as she began giving impromptu performances at family get-togethers. She was consistently scouted because of her striking eyes and contagious smile.

At the ripe age of six Bella began acting for larger audiences in various community theater productions and it wasn't long until she had representation in Chicago and was doing print ads and commercials. She is an old soul and a quick study and went on to earn Guest Star and film roles and is excited as her professional future indeed looks bright!

On television, she has appeared in guest roles on the series Smallville and Eureka. She appeared in the 2012 episode of Leverage titled 'The (Very) Big Bird Job' as Jenny Sanders, Disney Descendants: School of Secrets (2015), uncredited in the TV movie Todrick & Aubrey Peeples: 'Youngblood and the series The Gunrunner Billy Kane (2016).

Bella feature credits include roles in Beautiful Boy (2010) and "Beneath the Blue" (2010) and for 2011 Red Riding Hood. For 2013 she went on to appear in the feature American Girls along with the shorts "Broken Angels"  (2014) and the short Demonic Attachment (2016).

The multi-talented Bella also wrote and directed the short films "Unmatched" (2014) and "Luna Tuna" which has been completed.
she is also one of the youngest writers to pitch a television show to a well-known network and recently won the 2014 award of Emerging Filmmaker at SkinsFest in LA!