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Dylan Sprayberry


Dylan Sprayberry was born on July 7th, 1998 in Houston, he began his career at the age of two when he was approached by a Houston Texas talent Agency, and he then began his career as a model, and shot his first commercial at the age of three.

His early work included the short film "The Sunday Man" and the South Korean feature My Father where he played Young Steven. From here his career took off with numerous TV appearances in series such as iCarly, MADtv, Criminal Minds, "State of the Union," "Glee" and Common Law. Dylan also appeared in the made for TV films Spaced (2008), "Chasing a Dream" (2009), and "The Three Gifts" (2009). He joined the series Teen Wolf in the July 2014 episode 'Muted' playing Liam Dunbar.

Other feature films includes "Soccer Mom" (2008), "Reconciliation" (2009), "Old Dogs" (2009), "Bedrooms," "Shuffle" and an uncredited role as 'Tar Pits Kid' on "Land of the Lost." Dylan scored a top role as Clark Kent at 13 in the much anticipated Man of Steel (2013) as well as Cry of the Butterfly (2014) playing a Homeless Child. Dylan also stars as Flynn in Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation (2016).

He enjoys film filmmaking and being on set and making new friends. Dressing up is a favorite hobby for Dylan. His family calls him the Master of Disguise. Dylan is a child with a heart of gold, a real friend to all; but most of all, he loves being with his family and looking out for his little sister and actress Ellery.