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Haidyn Harvey


Haidyn was born on April 5, 1997,  in Colorado. She has 2 older brothers that are married and have kids. Yes, Haidyn is an aunt! Haidyn has been acting for many years. The fireplace (and world) was her stage. As young as 3 she would place torn papers in her parents' hands to be used as tickets to get into her show. Now a young professional actress, Haidyn only sees writing, directing and acting in her future. She has always strived to do her best. She could recognize, point, and say her scrambled letters at 16 months.

She auditioned and booked her first role as a lead in an independent film "Caged" but the production company split up after the filming and trailer. Some of her film work includes numerous short films such as Strange Company (2011) and The Gold Nugget (2008) and many more. Her film roles include The Worst Movie Ever! (2011), Night Things (2011) and the action/comedy parody To Die Is Hard (2010). Haidyn will also appear in the films in Bully Girls, "The Takeover," The Ghosts of Johnson Woods and "Ribbons," (2016). For 2017 watch for her in Tales from the Vault,  "The Earth Is Flat" and Paralyzed with Fear.

On television she has guest starred on the pilot for the series (Traffic Light" appearing as a Bar Mitzvah Guest (uncredited) and had a role in the TV movie Driving with Our Eyes Shut (2016).

An avid reader her favorite books are "A Wrinkle in Time" and of course all of the Harry Potter and Twilight books. Horses are a passion for her as well. Besides roles, that's all she wants. She attends a special school for her talents and has a website for helping the children in the Congo and Darfur. Haidyn loves traveling back and forth to L.A. and NYC and hopes someday to be working in either and/or both. Since she could walk she has been entertaining everyone and hopes to continue throughout her life.

She loves horses and maintains the web page dedicated to Working for the Children In Africa to help improve their lives which is a Huge passion of hers.