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Jaeden Lieberher


Jaeden Lieberher is an American teen actor who was born on January 4, 2003, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jaeden moved with his mother to Los Angeles in 2011. Shortly after settling in and with no training or experience he started appearing in commercials.

He landed a small role as young Chris Evans in the film "playing it Cool" at age 9 but was headed for better things. He headed back East in 2013 and started to film the feature "St. Vincent" in New York. The film also stars Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Naomi Watts.

Jaeden also plays Mitchell in the feature "Aloha", other cast members includes Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams. This followed by "Midnight Special" which was written and directed by Jeff Nichols. Jaeden plays a boy with special powers who is on the run with his father. Other features films include "The Confirmation" (2016) as Walter and The Book of Henry in the lead role of Henry Carpenter. Jaeden also played  Bill Denbrough in the reboot of "It" based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Other feature film roles include The True Adventures of Wolfboy (2018), "Low Tide" (2019), "The Lodge" (2019) and returns in the sequel "It: Chapter Two as young Bill.

On episodic TV he played the recuring role of Johnny Masters in "Masters of Sex.

Has appeared with Bill Murray in two movies, St. Vincent (2014) and Aloha (2015), although their characters did not interact in the latter film. When not filming he likes to play baseball.