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Leonard Proxauf


Leonard Proxauf (born November 27, 1995 in Berlin, Germany) is an Austrian[1] actor, best known for his role as Martin in the Golden Globe winner film The White Ribbon.

His mother is Austrian actress and artist agent Katja Proxauf. He started filming at the age of 9. His first minor role was the character of young Behrendt in the 2006 film Lohn deiner Angst. Proxauf booked his first major role in 2006. He played Jonas Block in the award winning film Nevermore (2006)(Trailer). In 2008 he played the small role of Christian Buddenbrook (played as an adult by August Diehl) in the literary film The Buddenbrooks.

The previous peak in Proxauf's acting career was the role of the reverend's son Martin in Michael Haneke's award-winning historical drama The White Ribbon (2009)(Trailer). For the European co-production, which tells of mysterious incidents in a north German village on the eve of the First World War, he won the Young Artist Award (Video) for his work in the film.

Proxauf was seen in spring 2011 in the German television (ZDF) crime series Der Komissar und das Meer (The police inspector and the sea) as the police inspectors son Niklas, he also guest starred on the long running German series Tatort in 2012 as Paul Tremmel. Work in short films includes Gömböc (2010) and Dear Mr. Starr (2012) and "Safari" (2014). He was also 'Felix' in the feature Halbschatten (2013) and Florin in the TV movie "Operation Zucker" (2012).