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Olivia Rodrigo


Olivia Rodrigo is an American teen actress who was born on February 20, 2003 in Temecula, California, USA.

Olivia played the tile character in the film "Grace Stirs Up Success" (2015), in the film Grace is anxiously looking forward to summer so she can startup a business, the plans go out the window when her mom announces a trip to Paris.

On television she played hersef on the series "Home & Family" (2016) and plays Page Olvera on the series “Bizaardvark” where two 13 year old friends who write funny songs and create videos for their online channel. Getting a chance to work from a creative studio space they hope to become online stars.

Olivia is expected to play Cheyenne Mays in the feature "Paved New World" (2018), it is early pre-production as of December 2017.