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Tara-Nicole Azarian


Tara-Nicole began acting at the age of 4 with a small part in "A Tale About Bootlegging." She took a brief hiatus from the biz to pursue gymnastics and then jumped back into acting again at age 8. She has appeared in Films, advertisements, videos and TV projects. She is best known for her work in horror movies and her ability to cry on cue. Difficult subjects & dramatic scenes are challenges she is drawn to and excels at. As of January, 2012, she has more than 40 films under her belt.

As a member of a writing family, Tara-Nicole began writing children's books at a young age. She has 3 times won the prestigious Young Author's contest. When just 11 years old, she branched out & wrote a screenplay entitled, "My Name Is...Anna". In addition to writing the film, Tara-Nicole also directed & starred in the project. "My Name Is...Anna" Premiered at the Charlotte Film Community film festival, where she was the youngest film maker in the festival. The excitement continued, when "My Name Is...Anna" was accepted into a dozen other film festivals, which garnered Tara-Nicole nominations for Best Actress, Best Screenplay & Best Film. "My Name Is...Anna" also went on to win Best Student film at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival in Ohio & Best Low Tech Film at the Offshoot Film Festival in Arkansas.

Tara-Nicole has since written and directed 3 other films: "Sybling Rivalry", "Cardboard" and "ROTFL". All three films are playing in film festivals and doing very well. "Sybling Rivalry" has already earned Tara-Nicole a Best Director Award at the Electric Light Fright Festival in South Carolina. "Cardboard" earned Tara-Nicole a Win for Best Young Filmmaker at the Stauros Inspirational Independent Film Awards in California. "ROTFL" debuted at the CFC 5 Minute Film Contest, in NC.

Tara-Nicole is also an All-Star cheerleader and a life long Girl Scout. She is the recipient of the meritorious Silver Award in Girl Scouting, The Corlin National Community Service Award and National Community Service awards from NAM & ACP. Tara-Nicole is passionate about the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and has supported various fund raisers for the cause. Click resume at right for her extensive filmography.

In her spare time, Tara-Nicole loves amusement parks and is crazy about Japanese Anime.

Mini Biography By: Jen Azarian, Manager