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Felix Avitia - Inglés (2011) - Award Winning Short Film
Category : Short Films
Posted by FelixA_Fan  . November 24, 2017
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Video Description
This story is about an honor student who is punished by his teacher, for when speaking English, he would often pronounce words of Spanish language origin, such as burrito, carne asada or Mexico, with a Spanish accent.

This sparked his Father's interest to investigate if it's against his teacher's preference... only to discover that it's this public school's district policy. With no stats to prove said instituted policy being a benefit. He continues to be passed along from one person to another and up the red tape chain of command. Will this frustrated father find answers or only more rhetoric and excuses?

WINNER - "Best Theatrical Short" - IMAGEN Foundation Awards - 2012
WINNER - "Best Children's Film" - Mexico Intl' Film Festival - 2012
WINNER - "Most Outstanding Actor" - Felix Avitia - OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards - 2012
WINNER - "Gold Award" - California Film Awards - 2011
WINNER - "Honorable Mention" - Los Angeles Movie Awards - 2011
Nomination - "Best Perfomance by a Young Actor" - Felix Avitia - Young Artist Awards 2012
"Official Selection" - Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival (RRAFF) - 2012
"Official Selection" - S.U.R.G.E. Film Festival - 2011
"Official Selection" - India Expressions Film Fiesta - 2011

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