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The Party

FYI: This is a horror spoof, full of plot and continuity errors, intended to make fun of things we don't quite understand. This film should be watched with a light, humorous tone. Thanks. This film features Devin Flores, Nathaniel Pena, Keira Pena, and Michael Pena. You can access Devin Flores' channel by clicking on this link: Weird things in the video: Blood on my face changes I don't fight back against the killer when we struggle on the floor My face is back against a carpet in the bathroom, yet my face is on tile in a closeup. There are several non sequitur events You can see a sweater on the bed (How did it get there?) There are obviously no liquid in the drinks Keira makes a knife sound when she stabs Nathaniel (Go Keira!!!) What does lightning have to do with the film (see credits) Also go to for the official fan-page for the Pena Siblings (Michael, Nathaniel, and Keira Pena.)
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