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Christian Martyn Fan Club by T.O Girl
Active 3 years ago 264 fans
Basic Information:
  • Sweet_Chick
    Sweet_Chick replied to the topic #BringBackAnne
    OMG! so you mean there is no word yet? I thought it would be automatic the series is o awesome and such good reviews and stuff.I do hope they make more.#BringBackAnne
    • Mon at 6:04 PM
  • Teen Angel
    Teen Angel replied to the topic #BringBackAnne
    It was awesome; I love the cast, especially the young cast members and their characters. It has to be renewed I mean come on Netflix more than one season of Fuller House and this left hanging.
    • July 22
  • T.O Girl
    T.O Girl replied to the topic #BringBackAnne
    I love it, they just have to renew it the pettition the awesome reviews we want more of Anne on CBC plz.#BringBackAnne
    • July 20
  • Claire97
    Claire97 replied to the topic #BringBackAnne
    Awesome series, I need to see more adventures of Anne and the kids.#BringBackAnne
    • July 20
  • Lilly Marlene
    Lilly Marlene replied to the topic #BringBackAnne
    Anne will return, the big shots are just shuffling some papers around first. cx#BringBackAnne
    • July 19
  • CJValleroy_Girl
    CJValleroy_Girl posted a new topic:
    • July 19
  • Jayden
    Jayden replied to the topic Anne With an E - Kid/Teen Reviews
    OMG it was so good, I was right into but I thought for sure it would be boring and I wouldn't like it but I was wrong.When I saw Billy run into Anne on that forest path the look on his face scred me he seem so evil, lol man I wonder what he would have don
    • July 17
  • One_Love
    One_Love replied to the topic Bring back Anne With an E Petition.
    I watched it here on Netflix Barbados and it was so awesome, love seeing Christina Martyn doing his stuff, cx I am positive there wil be more so stay tuned. :)
    • July 17