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    The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere (Spoilers)

    All I can say about that first episode is OMG!
    How can they show that on TV, I had to run out the room and I wil not watch another episode.
    Last Replied by Klattuu - November 24, 2016
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    Jaden Smith comes out of the closet.

    No surprise here, as this article listed he has admitted it himself and even listed his boy friend. All these closeted gays now coming out.
    Justin Bieber is also gay this marriage he is in is a sham and will not last a year because he likes guys.
    Last Replied by Darth Maul - Mon at 9:24 PM
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    By the Numbers: "The Walking Dead"

    Have you ever wondered exactly how many characters have died in "The Walking Dead" since the show started? Or how many.
    Here is another cool video from IMDB, who was your fav of all the characters that have died.
    Last Replied by Chazz - Nov 25
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    Surface - 2005 TV Series

    I saw this retro series being talked about over at former teen stars and I think it is a good series to recommend here in the club because it fits the criteria as it has a child and teen cast. It stars Carter Jenkins and also you will see a young Bob
    Last Replied by Rex - Nov 8
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    The Walking Dead - is Dead

    LOl well not really I said that because as you might have heard next season first Maggie is off the show, so I guess she will get kiled they said by episode 6 and then by the last episode Ricvk also will be off the show? WTH so all Grimes are gone now exc
    Last Replied by Tom Frank - Aug 29
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    Netflix Renews Lost in Space

    They sure did not wait long, Netflix has confirmed season 2 for Lost in Space, for the story click the link below.
    Hollywood Reporter
    Last Replied by Adrien - Jun 13
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    The Ritual - Netflix Original Movie

    Watched this original Netflix movie tonight "The Ritual" omg talk about freaky, this movie gave me the creeps for sure.
    I am not saying that all reading this will have the same effect but on IMDB it has a good rating and also many people saying how freak
    Last Replied by Riley - May 4
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    Lost in Space - Netflix

    Coming in April to Netflix is season one of the remake of the classic 1960’s series Lost in Space. The original show is loved by many and some I have read around the net are hating this remake. The original show which I have on DVD has a campy comed
    Last Replied by Nasru - Apr 19
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    The 15:17 to Paris

    Looking forward to this one, the cool thing is as most know the actuall heroes play themselves and not real actors. I don't know how this will work out but under Clint Eastwood's direction I bet it works.
    Last Replied by Skater_TJ - Feb 6
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    The Punisher

    Is any of you watching the Netflix series The Punisher starring Jon Bernthal who played Shane on The walking Dead when it was very very good?
    The show is awesome I have seen many Punsihers but Jon Bernthal is the best, omg he is just brutal in his taking
    Last Replied by Skater_TJ - November 27, 2017