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Terrell Ransom Jr. » Videos » Kid Prodigy - Where You From (Official Video)

Kid Prodigy - Where You From (Official Video)

Posted by Keesha
Download or Stream "Where You From" below:
Posted August 26 - 23 comments - 141 views - 23 likes - #Kid Prodigy - Where You From (Official Video)  #Terrell Ransom Jr 
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  • Kori
    Kori I love it and I am going to buy it from Google Play and support you .
    October 9
  • Shawn
    Shawn Cool.
    October 12
  • Adrien
    Adrien Lame, I like Terrell but he is 1000 times better at pop music like Billy Jean that is freakin awesome.
    October 13
  • J Crew
    J Crew Nice bruh, you nailed it.
    October 15