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Nathan Gamble


Nathan Gamble was born on the 12th of January 1998, in Tacoma, Washington, he has already had a career that would make most adult actors envious.

He also starred in the CE series Runaway with Donnie Walhberg. Before that, he played the role of 'Mike', Brad Pitt's son, in the Golden Globe winner Babel. Nathan earned that role after the director made a nation wide search that included over 20,000 other young boys, all eager to play the part. His performance earned him a nomination for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actor Age Ten or Younger

Before Runaway and Babel Nathan was no stranger to acting. He was taking part in community theater in his hometown of Seattle from before he was ever born. His mother, Christy, first brought him onto the stage while she was eight months pregnant, playing the role of Mrs. Crachit in A Christmas Carol. Nathan later played Michael in Peter pan and also appeared in Alice in Wonderland and Annie.

His television work includes the pilot of the 2007 proposed series "Deeply Irresponsible" and guest roles in episodes of Without a Trace and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in late 2007, the episodes were cross-overs. As well as "Ghost Whisperer" and "House M.D." during the 2008 season. He also played 'Tommy' in the series Runaway, and will play 'Poe Malloy' in the 2009 TV movie "Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas." Nathan plays 'Henry Pryor' in the 2009 series Hank. Nathan guest starred on "Private Practice" in 2010 in the episode Another Second Chance and in 2011 on NCIS: Los Angeles. He also starred in the TV movie The Frontier in 2012. Other TV roles were in the series CSI: Cyber (2015), "Maron" (2016), Mary + Jane (2016) and "Bones" (2017). Nathan was also Gary Ball in the series The Goldbergs (2015-16).

His theatrical roles include 'Joey' in Dry Rain as well The Mist where he plays 'Billy', 'James Gordon Jr' in The Dark Knight and "Marley & Me" where he played Patrick (Age 10). He played 'Lucas Thompson' in the 2009 film The Hole and 'Daniel' in the 2010 "short Displaced." He is "Trey Caldwell" in "25 Hill" (2011) and played "Sawyer" in "Dolphin Tale" (2011) and for 2013 he appeared in Beyond the Heavens and returned as Sawyer Nelson in "Dolphin Tale 2" (2014). He is also rumored to play Gage in Skate God (2017) and as Daniel in "Swiped" (2017).