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Patricia Raven


Patricia Raven scored her first big role in 2007 as a young Mary Hatchet in the horror flick Blood Night. Born on June 8th, 1995 in Philadelphia, Raven attended the Baldwin School, a girls-only college preparatory private school for 9 years before moving to LA in 2008. While living on the East Coast, Raven made the transition from auditioning in her hometown of PA, to tackling the tough acting world of NYC. She landed various gigs, including an eight minute non-union film parodying Little Miss Sunshine, titled Little Miss Punch Line- which she landed on her first try.

Raven has worked continuously ever since, landing roles in films such as Furry Hamsters from Hell, Slow Poison, Red and Coyote, as well as television shows such as "The Onion News Network" episode "Bring Your Daughter to War Day," Lobbyist, "Dear Harvard," a role which earned her a Best Young Artist nomination in 2010 and "Glee" in a 2012 episode. She also appeared in the films Raymond Did It, The Boarder and for 2014 Star Wars: Tremors of the Force.

Raven is credited with being both a strong dramatic actress, as well as having amazing comedic timing for such a young actress. James T. Chairman, the director-producer of Little Miss Punchline is quoted as saying, "Patricia came in and pretty much wowed us right off the bat. She came in prepared; she had a whole stand-up routine. And what impressed us the most was her timing. She wasn't just some little girl telling jokes; she had real comedic timing."